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WizeCare project with Clalit Health Services wins the 2022 IT Awards

WizeCare project with Clalit Health Services wins the 2022 IT Awards in "Best in Computing" in the category Digital Transformations and Innovation

We are proud to announce that our collaboration with Clalit Health Services on remote rehabilitation in physical therapy has been recognized with the prestigious 2022 IT Award for "Best in Computing" in the category of Digital Transformations and Innovation. This accolade highlights our commitment to harnessing technological innovation to bring better remote care to more patients. Working alongside the dedicated team at Clalit, we have been able to leverage our expertise in remote rehabilitation and physical therapy to create a groundbreaking solution that improves patient care and accessibility. We would like to extend our gratitude to the entire team of the Clalit IT & Digital Division for their hard work and dedication to this project. Clalit Health Services is the largest healthcare organization in Israel and one of the leading healthcare providers globally. With a long-standing commitment to innovation and excellence, Clalit serves over 4.5 million members across a vast network of clinics, hospitals, and specialized medical centers.Our partnership with Clalit Health Services reinforces our shared vision of harnessing cutting-edge solutions to transform the healthcare landscape and improve the lives of patients worldwide.


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