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Accessible Home Health Care Introduces WizeCare To SuiteOf Technology Solutions

The WizeCare remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telerehabilitation platform has been incorporated in to Accessible Home Health Care suite of technology solutions to improve patient outcomes and streamline care delivery. The cloud-based platform uses artificial intelligence and wearable sensors to allow patients to participate in rehabilitation and receive remote care at home, reducing the need for in-person appointments and hospitalization. The WizeCare RPM and telerehabilitation platform offers a personalized patient experience, providing visual and interactive rehabilitation sessions tailored to each patient's specific needs. The platform uses MoveAI technology to track patient progress, provide real-time feedback, and detect movement. This allows clinicians to monitor patient progress, adjust treatment plans, and provide immediate feedback to improve patient outcomes. Accessible Home Health Care has been providing in-home care services for over 35 years, and the integration of WizeCare's technology will enable the organization to provide more advanced care options to its patients. The WizeCare platform is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices, making it easy for patients to participate in rehabilitation and receive remote care. The technology will enhance the overall quality of care while reducing costs associated with hospitalization and readmission rates. Read the full article here


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