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Realize the
Promise of Physical Rehabilitation

The WizeCare Platform
physical therapy
today is Challenging

34% of patients have no access, there is no
set standard of care and only 1% have adopted
remote care. 

WizeCare moves physical therapy into the digital future, with highly accurate measurable tools to make care more affordable, better quality and more accessible.

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Better prioritize care

Via a mobile device camera, MoveAI™ technology automatically detects and accurately analyzes live movement patterns of patients performing prescribed exercises via a virtual reality video session.

Performed either in clinic or remotely, with or without a clinician, measurements analyzed include Range of Motion, Velocity, Tremor, Sway and Efficiency. 

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Speed up recovery

The WizeCare software enables physical therapy diagnosis to be performed virtually for the first time to give patients the right care sooner.

By analysing accurate live clinical data collected during evaluation, our smart algorithms provide an automated diagnosis of a patient’s condition to streamline care at lower cost.

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quality of care

Using AI decision support software, the WizeCare platform continuously analyzes highly-accurate
clinical data and auto-generates optimal care plans.


With HIPAA video/chat/instant messaging communications, virtual care is easily delivered, treatment plans adjusted and recommendations sent to the patient for improved care. 


Improve treatment compliance

Clinician portal

Enable care teams to effortlessly manage the whole rehabilitation process and better engage with patients for improved outcomes.

From over 500 clinically validated exercises, tailor interdisciplinary care plans, easily communicate and deliver virtual sessions and remotely monitor patient progress with real-time feedback. 

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Better engage patients

Patient app

Give patients the care they need when they need it with our user-friendly, interactive patient app that drives patient engagement and program adherence.

With no external sensors or hardware required for set-up and accessible across platforms (iOS/ Android/ Web), patients easily complete fun and engaging prescribed virtual reality video sessions.


WizeCare in Numbers

Cost reduction


Higher revenues


New revenues



Prof. Ran Schwarzkopf

MD, MSc, NYU Winthrop
Hospital for joint diseases

Hear from our Clients

WizeCare is the best solution because it provides both the patients and clinicians tools to reach better outcomes and higher satisfaction during their course of care.

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