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WizeCare Partners with Essen Health Careto Advance Value-Based Care Through Personalized All-In-One

WizeCare has announced a partnership with Essen Health Care [link to Essen Health Care] to enhance value-based care through a personalized, all-in-one telerehabilitation platform. The new partnership will provide a range of healthcare services that are customized to each patient's individual needs. The platform leverages advanced AI algorithms and real-time monitoring tools to deliver a more personalized and interactive rehabilitation experience. The aim is to increase adherence to treatment protocols and reduce the cost of care while improving patient outcomes. The collaboration between WizeCare and Essen Health Care will enable patients to participate in personalized rehabilitation programs from the comfort of their own homes. The platform provides an engaging experience for patients, with personalized exercise programs, real-time feedback, and educational videos. Patients are also able to communicate with their therapist through video or text, and the platform allows for continuous assessment and monitoring of patient progress. Essen Health Care's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sumir Sahgal, said "WizeCare's technology has proven to have a tremendous impact on our patients' adherence to their rehabilitation goals. On average, recovery times from post-surgical treatment were shortened by 25% and patients were 80 percent more compliant in their treatment, compared to the traditional 10 percent,". The partnership is expected to expand access to care for patients in the New York area, with the platform being rolled out across Essen Health Care's network of clinics. Read the full article here


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