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WizeCare featured in The Marker’s Open Source hi-tech guide (in Hebrew)

The Marker: Open source: a guide for high-tech: "We realized that WizeCare was on the right track when Amazon was interested in the technology we developed" (Hebrew)

WizeCare featured in The Marker’s Open Source hi-tech guide (in Hebrew). Learn more about WizeCare’s AI-driven platform that automates the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic, neurological, and rehabilitation disorders. The platform, which replaces movement laboratories, connects clinicians, patients, and insurance companies, and includes smart algorithms that identify and analyze the movement of patients without the use of sensors or external hardware. A treatment protocol that includes rehabilitative exercises is issued automatically, and the rehabilitation process is performed using the patient's mobile device, with real-time feedback and notes for correction during training. The therapist and patient communicate through video or text calls, as well as through the application, without the need for synchronization between their schedules. The application enables ongoing assessment of compliance with the rehabilitation plan's objectives, identification of risk factors that require proactive intervention, and generation of insights regarding the predicted rehabilitation results at any given moment. The platform's ability to predict rehabilitation protocols based on the results collected and analyzed by the system enables WizeCare to align with American health authorities and insurance companies, optimizing the rehabilitation process and reducing the waiting time for treatment. WizeCare was cofounded by Shai David, a veteran of the defense industry, an algorithmic and communications engineer and an expert in signal and image processing, and Roy Shteren, a senior physical therapist with a decade of experience in managing clinics and treating patients and with a master's degree in health systems management and public health. "We are taking part in the next revolution in the world of medicine: solutions for automated treatment that enable significant value - it is not just a tool for communication, which supports and complements treatment, but a total transfer of frontal treatment to the virtual dimension.” Read the full article here


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