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MoveAI™ Technology by WizeCare Shapes the Future of Physical Rehabilitation

WizeCare, an Israeli-based health technology company, has developed a technology named MoveAI™ that can revolutionize physical rehabilitation. It is a cloud-based platform that offers virtual physical rehabilitation and remote monitoring solutions to support healthcare providers in delivering value-based care. The platform includes an interactive patient application that delivers video sessions while using MoveAI™ technology to detect movement and receive real-time feedback from clinicians. WizeCare’s platform can be used for orthopedic, neurological, and movement disorders, and over one million virtual care sessions have been delivered to date. MoveAI™ technology by WizeCare is being recognized as the future of physical rehabilitation, offering an engaging, interactive, and personalized rehabilitation experience. The platform offers solutions to traditional challenges in rehabilitation, including lack of time and difficulty adhering to exercise schedules. In addition to the platform's rehabilitation capabilities, MoveAI™ technology can also be used for remote patient monitoring, which can help practitioners identify early warning signs for patients in need of additional medical attention. The future of rehabilitation is becoming increasingly remote, and WizeCare is leading the charge with its innovative technology. MoveAI™ technology is designed to help physical rehabilitation become more personalized, engaging, and convenient. Read the full article here


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