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Israel21c: How a serious car accident led to a home rehab platform

WizeCare is featured in Israel21c sharing how a serious car accident led to some 23,000 Israeli and US patients using WizeCare in physical therapy regimens at home. WizeCare is a Tel Aviv-based healthtech company that provides enterprise-wide virtual physical rehabilitation and remote monitoring solutions for healthcare providers. The company was founded in 2016 by CEO Roy Shteren and CTO, Shai David. Shteren was inspired to create the platform after David was in a serious car accident and found himself unable to attend physical rehabilitation sessions due to his injuries. The WizeCare platform offers an interactive, personalized, and engaging rehabilitation experience that can be done from the comfort of the patient's own home using a mobile device. WizeCare's platform uses AI-driven technology to automate and guide patients in their daily exercise training and remotely monitor their progress. The platform also provides educational videos, feedback, and reinforcement to help improve lifestyle behaviors. WizeCare's technology has been clinically proven to help patients achieve better outcomes in less time, with treatment adherence increasing tenfold and recovery times reducing by 20%. WizeCare has partnered with several healthcare providers, including Essen Health Care in the United States, to advance value-based care through personalized all-in-one telerehabilitation platforms. The company aims to revolutionize remote physical rehabilitation and is continuing to expand its services in the US and Israel. Read the full article here


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