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Geektime: These Israeli startups arescoring big in sports-tech

WizeCare featured as one of several Israeli startups that are scoring big in the sports tech industry. WizeCare is a company that provides a virtual physical rehabilitation platform for healthcare providers. The platform uses AI-driven technology to monitor and guide patients through their daily exercise training, with real-time feedback provided through an interactive patient application. The application is designed to detect movement using MoveAI™ technology, providing personalized and engaging rehabilitation experiences that improve outcomes and reduce recovery times. WizeCare has been gaining traction in the US, with the company expanding its services to American healthcare providers. The platform has also received recognition from major health funds in Israel, including Maccabi Healthcare Services, which has partnered with WizeCare to offer virtual rehabilitation services to its members. WizeCare is highlighted as a success story for the Israeli sports tech ecosystem, with the company having secured significant funding to support its growth and development. The company is among a growing number of Israeli startups that are leveraging technology to disrupt traditional industries, with the company poised for further success as the virtual care revolution continues to gain momentum. Read the full article here

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