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AI-powered telehealth improves PT care at Essen Health Care

Essen Health Care, a network of healthcare providers, is using WizeCare’s artificial intelligence-powered telehealth platform to improve patient care. WizeCare’s technology allows patients to access virtual physical rehabilitation sessions, while also receiving real-time feedback from clinicians. The WizeCare platform can analyze the movement of patients without requiring any sensors or external hardware, providing a way to simulate the movement laboratory in rehabilitation centers. An automatic treatment protocol is then generated, including rehabilitative exercises, which are performed using the patient's mobile device. Through the system, clinicians are able to monitor patients' compliance with their rehabilitation plan and intervene proactively if necessary. The platform also generates insights regarding predicted rehabilitation outcomes, enabling clinicians to adjust their approach as needed. Using the WizeCare telehealth solution, Essen Health Care was able to reduce patient no-show rates, as well as improve patient outcomes and satisfaction levels. Additionally, the telehealth technology allowed clinicians to treat more patients at a lower cost, improving the overall efficiency of the healthcare network. Read the full article here


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