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New clinical study with Kupat Holim Meuhedet using the WizeCare platform improves outcomes

Using the WizeCare platform improves outcomes

Download our new clinical study with Kupat Holim Meuhedet to learn how the

use of WizeCare's AI-powered physical rehabilitation solution versus

conventional physical therapy showed a significant reduction in pain, and

improved adherence and patient experience.


The study compared the use of WizeCare's innovative exercise-based

telerehabilitation platform with conventional physical therapy.

The soon-to-be-published prospective randomized controlled clinical trial

involved 64 patients with knee and shoulder pain-related syndrome. These

patients were compared to those receiving standard home training

instructions. Those who used WizeCare's digital services alongside

face-to-face sessions experienced better outcomes and were more satisfied

with their treatment.


The study's results suggest that WizeCare's exercise-based telerehabilitation

platform could be a valuable tool for healthcare providers seeking to improve

patient outcomes and satisfaction. By integrating digital services into

traditional physical therapy, patients can receive more comprehensive care

that fits into their busy lives.

The clinical study is available for download, providing insights into the benefits

of using AI-powered solutions in physical therapy.

Special thanks to the research investigators, Tal Nitzan and Miriam Reinstein,

for their dedication and contribution to this important study., Dowmload Here.


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