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Effect of telerehabilitation on mobility in people after hip surgery

Clinical Trial in Reuth Medical Center


Evaluate the effects of WizeCare Connect™ on walking and balance in people after hip surgery, and compare this exercise approach to a control group receiving the conventional home exercise program. Participants received 18 training sessions (6 weeks, 3 sessions/week) of either the WizeCare Connect™ application (n=15) or an exercise booklet that was given by the clinician from the outpatient unit (n=17). WizeCare Connect™ provided video-based exercises and a video platform.


Participants in the WizeCare group improved significantly in 5 out of 6 mobility outcome measures. The largest improvements in this telerehabilitation group were demonstrated in the 2-minute walk test (86.1%) and walking speed (65.6%). Participants in the WizeCare group continued to improve during the follow-up period in all six outcome measures, while those who participated in the control group improved in only one outcome measure., Download Here. Original content is from here


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