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Physical therapy
made better

Any place. Any time

Imagine fun virtual reality video sessions prescribed by yourtherapist that in real-time automatically feeds back on yourprogress and tailors your care!
With WizeCare we remove the hassle

Just like in other sectors, we believe technology can empower clinicians to deliver better care that is convenient for you, so you can recover sooner!

Leveraging artificial intelligence, computer vision and augmented reality, the WizeCare platform means you can say goodbye to long appointment waiting times and long travel journeys and costs.

Backed by science, WizeCare provides physical therapy tailored to your needs with patients 10x more likely to complete therapy and recovery times shortened by 20%!

See why over 100K
patients choose WizeCare


to use

Fun and

Tailored to
your needs


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Platform solution

visually bringing to life what we mean

With virtual automated evaluations and diagnosis, get referred sooner to the right therapist.

Perform prescribed physical therapy sessions more accurately with or without your therapist via augmented reality video sessions and real-time AI-driven feedback. By easily communicating with your therapist through our patient app, get more out of your care.

Patient app

We make physical therapy fun

• Fun end engaging
• User friendly
• Easy set-up with no external sensors or hardware
• Real-time automated feedback on your
• performance Accessible across platforms

• Easy communication with your care team

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Hear from other patients

“The WizeCare program gives me a structure to turn to every morning which guides me through tailor-made exercises. I see and hear the specific exercise, how to breathe and which muscles to use (and not to!). It helps me be more focussed, more effective and more motivated to complete my therapy!”

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